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Our industry is broken. The barriers to entry are really low, and the incentive structures for most firms are full of conflicts of interest where their number one priority is to meet sales targets instead of helping clients achieve their financial goals. You wouldn’t go after all to an untrained doctor whose main concern is to sell you on a treatment without diagnosing you first, then why do that with your finances?

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At AG Wealth Management, we decided to tackle the issue head-on. We not only have top industry designations, but we have a conflict-free incentive structure where we don’t accept sales commissions that dictates which solutions we should recommend to you, nor maintain a broker-dealer relationship that incentivize us to act in their best interest instead of yours. All our analysis is done independently and objectively with only you in mind, and our income doesn’t depend on selling you any product, in fact, our fee-structure is tied to your progress. Simply put, we do better when you do better.

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Meet The Founder

Asad Gourani, CFP®, EA

Asad Gourani is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and an enrolled agent admitted to practice before the IRS. With vast experience in investments, personal finance, and taxes, he is committed to helping clients with complex financial situations to invest smarter, optimize their taxes, achieve their financial goals, and retire on their own terms.


Numerous leading publications have quoted Asad’s insights on the financial markets and personal finance. These publications include US News, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, and Investment News. In addition, Asad has been a featured guest on several local TV stations such as Fox 2 Detroit, and ABC WXYZ to share his thoughts on investing and personal finance strategies.


Outside of AG Wealth Management, Asad sits on the board of directors for the Financial Planning Association in Michigan where he is currently the co-chairman of the NexGen committee where he is committed to advancing the industry among young practitioners.